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My 100wc goal is to use juicy words!                                                                                           At the park i was sitting on a bench when all of a sudden I heard a bird in pain so I ran to where the screaming was. Just then the bird was nothing but bones I looked up to see one pair of humongous legs I tried to scream but something was around my mouth I look down to see a vine around my mouth I kicked  and punched  the vine but I had no hope I did all I could do………….And all I wanted to do was feed birds at the park………… 

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  1. antsclass
    April 29, 2018 at 10:55 am (9 months ago)

    This is a wonderful response to the 100 word challenge! I like the way you have thought of what the scary long legs might have caused and set that up at the start. What a terrible way to finish a trip to the park!
    Be careful to check where your sentences end and to put full-stops. There are about 4 sentences that you don’t end with full stops. Otherwise, this is an awesome piece!
    Well done


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