today was webinar we learnt how to protect our life on the internet like…………………………….. making sure that we have a privacy system on all electronic devices e.g: Computer, laptop, Ipad, phone and more to also make sure that you put private on all social media so you don’t get friend requests from hackers and scammers.

There is a example of a virus that IS real, it’s called “HellRaiser sever 4.2” and another virus is called Bad Rabbit  these are both serious viruses that need to be stopped. some hackers charge you money and this is called Bad Rabbit.  Bad Rabbit can make you pay at least 400 dollars but shown as 0.05. I hope that this info helped you realize that the internet can be a dangerous place. 

BTN-Hawaii volcano erruption

This article Oneas about a  volcano eruption that happened in Hawaii

The volcano erruption destroyed a whole car!

The volcano erruption came with a unpleasant surprise it carried a toxic pollution.

The volcano erruption also destroyed 26 house’s! 

2 understandings:

Now I understand that volcanoes are not just lava but they can carry toxic pollution!

Now i also understand that volcanoes can destroy about 26 homes!

One question I have is how fast can lava travel?





My goal for this 100wc is to improve on my punctuation                                                              The animal stared at me, I was silent. I could hear a faint bird cry, I tried to walk but I could not move, it was like the animal put a spell on me….the animal was a cheater that when it moved it left a trail that was a silver and blue sparkle path it also had spikes on it’s back pink shiny spikes.I tried to grab my note book but as soon as I moved it ran of. I wanted to try to run after it but I would of tired myself out.

BTN- Queensland drought

The BTN I watched was about droughts that happen in Queensland. the longest drought that has ever happened is 7 years imagine yourself not having water for 7 years (well not much water or you will be dead) 11 year old Angus says that he is not going to lose hope for finding water for his cattle.

100wc – “when did it arrive?”

I was sitting on the front porch wondering when my package would arrive I saw the mail man Pete he  came up to me and said………”Do you know where 62 vine street is?”

Pete sighs

“Nope but do you have a package for me…..Any kind of package?”  I ask

“Nope. ask Tod the other mailman”

I took a seat as Pete left.

I went inside and saw a package mum was holding it ” Hey hon I found your package at work! funny”

“when did it arrive” I said I opened the package to see what I ordered, it was a……………………………………

BTN-Ring of Fire

This video was about Tsunami’s and earth quakes with the most recent one that happened in Samoa and Sumatra.  It talked about how 80% of earth quakes and Tsunamis happen in the Ring of Fire (Pacific Ocean). The crust that we live on is made up of what is called Tex Tonic Plates and these plates move.  Where they meet with others it makes mountains and sometime volcanoes and cause earth quakes.  Earth quakes can also happen under water that causes Tsunami’s.  These can not be predicted when and where they can happen. There are warnings if they are detected early enough.

100 WC

I was home alone getting ready to watch a movie when all of a sudden the power went out. I frantically started looking for a touch in the dark.  I knew i had to go outside and flick the fuse box. I opened the door it was a misty night it reminded me of a horror grave yard movie. I walked to the fuse box when i saw a bright crimson light flashing towards me getting closer and closer i shouted out WHO IS THERE? Just then the lights disappeared and my mum and dad got out of the car….

BTN- Indigenous Australians

In this BTN it was about  Indigenous  Australians who went to war in the first war hundreds of Indigenous people then in the second thousands of people sighed up to go to war but most of them never did come back and all the families had to remember them was a plaque and graves. But then one day a high school student Sarah found some graves and decided to make it her history project and so now every year people go and say beautiful things to the people who died in the war.


the prompt picture 

My 100wc goal is to use juicy words!                                                                                           At the park i was sitting on a bench when all of a sudden I heard a bird in pain so I ran to where the screaming was. Just then the bird was nothing but bones I looked up to see one pair of humongous legs I tried to scream but something was around my mouth I look down to see a vine around my mouth I kicked  and punched  the vine but I had no hope I did all I could do………….And all I wanted to do was feed birds at the park………… 

Holiday reading reflection

On the holidays the book I read was Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. it was about three kids who go on a quest to find Percy’s something (I’m not going to spoil it) but on the way problems interfere like monsters and forgotten family members                                                                                  I highly recommend this book to people who like Adventures, myths & legends then  this is a book you will love! I recommend this book to the years 3/4 and 5/6.

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