Introduction letter

Hi Ant

I have lots to say where do I begin?

I’ll start with I have two younger sisters Ella & Sara.

Ella is in year one and Sara is in kinder and starting prep next year! My mum and dad Sam and Semra run a family business Road Master, we also have a dog named Cesar.

During the week we don’t get up to much but on Sunday it is family fun day. We kids get to choose an activity for example we might go out to dinner or the movies. We spend the whole day together that usually ends with us all in my parents bed watching a movie.                                                                                

Now that I have briefly introduced my family here are some fun facts about me:

  • I love the colour blue
  • I love to dance
  • I love nature
  • I LOVE reading
  • Art inspires me to be creative!
  • My mum says I started talking at a very early age and haven’t stopped talking since!
  • When I was four I was convinced I was a real princess

Some other things that you may like to know about me is I love to travel.  We most recently went to Rye for one whole week with my whole family.  We had so much fun the only bad thing was we had to leave and return home.

When I am older I would love to be a teacher. I think what has inspired me is having such amazing teachers, in particular my biggest inspiration coming from Rebecca McMahon.   

I can not to wait to get year five started!


From Aleyna K

100 WC – Yuck!

I couldn’t eat something so disgusting!

it was veggie night for dinner and I got broccoli, I tried putting it on my little sisters plate but my mum saw me! I tried putting it down my top but when I walked away the broccoli fell on the floor. Then I tried hiding in my hair but my mum picked them out, it is like my mum has eyes at the back of her head! This time she will never get me I’m well going to eat the broccoli! Well in my mouth it goes almost -in-there YUM broccoli is fantastic!