100wc- huge, pink, dandilion, bridge and sprinkled.

It was a huge bridge covered with pink dandelions sprinkled with rainbow glitter! “Can i cross it?” Myer said smelling a dandelion         “NO” Amber says pulling Myer awat from the flowers                        “Why” Myer said wining                                                                              “Because! Dandelions are not PINK”

“Fine, race you over the bridge!” Myer say running as fast  as lightening “Golly gosh! Now i have to cross a bridge!” Amber cries “Amber! Help!” Myer cried                                                            “I’m coming!” Amber cried                                                                “HA! Tricked you!!” Myer said laughing  her head off


“Sorry amber hug?”

BTN- Cape town water crises

3 facts, 2 understandings and 1 question 

Facts (3): 1. Cape town (found in south Africa) is having a very serious drought.  2. Cape town citizens will only be aloud 50L per day! 3. The water allowance be soon pushed down to 25L a day. 

Understandings (2): I now understand that droughts can be very serious, that can last years! I also understand that 50L is a very small amount of water! 

1 question i have is…..how long can a drought last? 

presuasive text -Kids should get pocket money

Do you think that you do too many chores and not getting something in return? Well I think that we all probably ask our parents “Can I have pocket money? I did all the chores” they probably say “no!” so why should we get pocket money? Well because parents aren’t going to give you one thousand dollars and spend! They will probably give you two dollars to use at Kmart to get a t-shirt! So think that we kids SHOULD GET POCKET MONEY!


Chores are like jail or prison! We should have a right! Our parents should pay us for doing chores like…dishes, folding laundry and washing we should make a stand! To do chores but then to get paid.


Shopping is the best! But sometimes our parents bring enough money for themselves, so we should make our own money and use it! Like we can buy our own clothes and our parents don’t say no! So tell your parents today “I’m tacking my own money and buying something nice!”


If kids get pocket money they can have fun, they can also be happy and its fun getting a thing you’re happy with! Like when I got a new pair of shoes! So make yourself happy and have FUN!


Now we kids need to make a stand when it comes to chores we do them they pay us! I think we all think that when parents o to the shops there selfish and buy things for themselves or when we do chores we get nothing in return and we probably have no fun! Tell me the last time you had a happy day doing a chore! Let’s make a stand MAKE THEM PAY!    





100wc- Breaking news

lillie was sitting at the door, Lillie told her mother they she wanted a little sister her mother laughed “Darling! Lillie you’re all I need is you literally!” Her mother said.                                              “What’s that supposed to mean! What are you saying!?” I say eyeing my mum.                                 It was November the fourth and my mum told me the breaking news “Lillie, hon your gonna have a baby brother!” My mum says smiling              “Ummm……well that’s breaking news!” I say sweating “But, well, I did ask for a baby sister like Mia at school!”                                                                  “YOU ARE GROUNDED! FOR TWO YEARS MAYBE EVEN THREE YEARS!”

Herald sun- is Africa splitting apart?

3 facts, 2 understandings and 1 question                                                                                                          3 facts: The first fact is…….Africa is splitting apart each day!

The second fact is…….That the crack was caused by floods.

The third fact is that the crack is about 15 in width and 15 in length.                                                                                                                                                           2 understandings I have are that a crack can be caused by floods.                                               Another understanding I have is that a crack is very dangerous when people are near.                                                                                                

1question I have is……….how deep can a crack get?

BTN- Hawaii volcano erruption

3 facts 2 understandings and 1 question

 Facts: 1.Hawaii’s volcano has been errupting making many people evacuate their homes.     2.Hawaii’s volcano also destroyed lots of bushy land                                                                         3. The volcano also destroyed many animal habitats.

 Understandings:1. A understanding I have is that lava can be up to 2000c in heat                     2. Another understanding I have is that a volcano can go through any possible thing but lava can NOT go through water!

question: The question I have is still per hour how fast can lava travel?


100wc- “But i didn’t understand the instructions!”

I was sitting at the dining table building my model plane when it went  wrong! “Sophie! How! What did you do!” my mum yelled                                                                                        “Well! I, I” I mutter                                                                                                                   “NO! NO BUTS! YOUR GROUNDED!”                                                                                      “But I didn’t understand the instructions!” i sob I look at the instructions and see that they were upside down the whole time! I tried to say sorry but my mum said “LA, LA, LA AND LA!!!!!!”  Ok now she  started to sound like a baby seriously I mean it!                                  “Ok, Mum I am really sorry but we can work together and get this done right!”


today was webinar we learnt how to protect our life on the internet like…………………………….. making sure that we have a privacy system on all electronic devices e.g: Computer, laptop, Ipad, phone and more to also make sure that you put private on all social media so you don’t get friend requests from hackers and scammers.

There is a example of a virus that IS real, it’s called “HellRaiser sever 4.2” and another virus is called Bad Rabbit  these are both serious viruses that need to be stopped. some hackers charge you money and this is called Bad Rabbit.  Bad Rabbit can make you pay at least 400 dollars but shown as 0.05. I hope that this info helped you realize that the internet can be a dangerous place. 

BTN-Hawaii volcano erruption

This article Oneas about a  volcano eruption that happened in Hawaii

The volcano erruption destroyed a whole car!

The volcano erruption came with a unpleasant surprise it carried a toxic pollution.

The volcano erruption also destroyed 26 house’s! 

2 understandings:

Now I understand that volcanoes are not just lava but they can carry toxic pollution!

Now i also understand that volcanoes can destroy about 26 homes!

One question I have is how fast can lava travel?





My goal for this 100wc is to improve on my punctuation                                                              The animal stared at me, I was silent. I could hear a faint bird cry, I tried to walk but I could not move, it was like the animal put a spell on me….the animal was a cheater that when it moved it left a trail that was a silver and blue sparkle path it also had spikes on it’s back pink shiny spikes.I tried to grab my note book but as soon as I moved it ran of. I wanted to try to run after it but I would of tired myself out.