BTN- performance poetry

3 facts:

-he has been doing poems since he was 9 years old

-his name is Solli Raphael.

-he writes alot of slant poetry

2 questions:

-how many poems has he made?

-what are his most favourite poems?

1 understanding:

-i understand that he has a deep interest in poetry


it was christmas morning,

and i was yawning,

the sun awoke at 4:05,

and outside my window was a bee hive,

but i better run to where the fun begins,

because this christmas day is about to begin,

it was fun and jolly,

with preasents and cheer!

oh, i just wish i could see santa here!

he would laugth and giggle,

to my jokes and puns,

i would open my preasent and…………….

wait what a toothbrush!,

what a christmas santa!

go eat a rug!!

BTN- Mars experiment

this video is about 6 people who are going in a dome for 1 year, there doing this because its an experiment for living on Mars.

3 facts:

-there doing this to see what it would be like to live on Mars

-there putting 6 people in an 11 metere dome next to a volcano in hawai.

-there taking this very siriously so if they wanted to go outside they HAD to wear a space suit.

2 undersandings:

-that they are taking it very sirious.

-they only get packaged food.

1 question:                                                                                                                                 when they land rovers do the rovers send supplies to Mars when the time comes for humans to go?

100wc- Bricks, Gorilla, Yellow, Running, Pretty.

The the peeling yellow paint on my brick house looked like they were running from mercy, it was sad how old my house was its been around since world war two, I always wished we would buy a new house, just thinking about it makes me tear up. my family arn’t the richest people but we manage to aford “pretty” chlothing, last year my pearents forgot my birthday so they grabbed my older brothers gorilla t-shirt from the two dollar shop and wraped it up! i cried in my room for hours! Well now you know the sad part of my life, i hope we never cross paths again.

100wc- because i said so…..

I was sitting on the couch and my mum told me to go do laundry, so I did as she said “Hey! mum load me up with more laundry” i shouted up the laundry shoot I was looking for things to do when i was waiting. and then i saw mum’s phone she had been looking for it for 3 whole days! i shouted up the laundry shoot “MUM!I FOUND YOUR….-” as I was talking my mum without warning threw down my brothers underpants it was dread-full i think i might have cried it was sooooooooooo stinky!!!!!!! I felt sorry for MYSELF!!!!!!











BTN- our solar ststem

  1. understanding
  2. questions and
  3. facts                                                                                                                            one understanding uranus has 26 moons and is tilted                                                2 questions:                                                                                                             how are so mant moons made and how long untill we will visit mars                                                                                                                                                                 3 facts:                                                                                                                    that mars has 2 moons. and the solar system has catagorgs like the gas giants and the terrestrial and that thre are 8 planets

BTN- Astronamy

3 facts:                                                                                                                                          fact one: that the babalonyens were very dedicated astronomers,                                          fact two: that in ainceint times the spanish destroyed all the records                                          fact three: that on of the ways aincent religens wrote was just lines.

2 understandings:                                                                                                                        i understood that one: the spanish destroyed the records because they thought if they did it would make them powerful, and two i understood that the mayans made a calender. 

and one question i have is: “how much of the mayans stuff did the spanish destroy? 

100wc- ……It reminded me of the time when…..

I was sitting on my porch listening to a song when a memory zoomed through my mind. It was like a never ending unicycle going round and round in my brain.  Suddenly it stopped, i looked around and i was in Hollywood it was like dejavu, it reminded me of the time when we were there two years ago.  I literaly could see the same man i did two years ago sleeping on a dirty subway bench with the same yellow chicken hat, one red boot on the left foot and a green sock on the other, some things you can not forget!. What was even more bizarre was I could see my mum, dad and myself sitting down putting sunscreen on, I started to shower myself with questions, did i just travel back in time? will i ever be able to go home? am i a ghost?. Suddenly it all disappears, my shower of questions turned off except for one “is this the real reality?”

Goals- for the whole term

This year our whole class made a goal book and we rote all our goals, our goals book included: maths, Writing, Reading& personal.

here were my goals: for Maths I had, To use a diferent stratagy for calculations and also to learn known facts, during the year i was able to partly achive this goal, the part i achived was the known facts and stil working on different stratagy’s.

For Writing I had: To use juicy vocab words particuarly to concertrate on “VERBS” i was able to achive this in my most recent story, here’s one of the words “suspitious” and more….

For Readind I had: To use stratagys to discover meaning for all unknown words, i was able to achive this goal by either comparing it with another word or sounding it out.

For personal I had: To always make sure i bring my books to class, for this goal i belive i achived it latly I have been bringing my books in!

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