100wc- because i said so…..

I was sitting on the couch and my mum told me to go do laundry, so I did as she said “Hey! mum load me up with more laundry” i shouted up the laundry shoot I was looking for things to do when i was waiting. and then i saw mum’s phone she had been looking for it for 3 whole days! i shouted up the laundry shoot “MUM!I FOUND YOUR….-” as I was talking my mum without warning threw down my brothers underpants it was dread-full i think i might have cried it was sooooooooooo stinky!!!!!!! I felt sorry for MYSELF!!!!!!











BTN- our solar ststem

  1. understanding
  2. questions and
  3. facts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               one understanding uranus has 26 moons and is tilted                                                2 questions:                                                                                                             how are so mant moons made and how long untill we will visit mars                                                                                                                                                                 3 facts:                                                                                                                    that mars has 2 moons. and the solar system has catagorgs like the gas giants and the terrestrial and that thre are 8 planets

BTN- Astronamy

3 facts:                                                                                                                                          fact one: that the babalonyens were very dedicated astronomers,                                          fact two: that in ainceint times the spanish destroyed all the records                                          fact three: that on of the ways aincent religens wrote was just lines.

2 understandings:                                                                                                                        i understood that one: the spanish destroyed the records because they thought if they did it would make them powerful, and two i understood that the mayans made a calender. 

and one question i have is: “how much of the mayans stuff did the spanish destroy? 

100wc- ……It reminded me of the time when…..

I was sitting on my porch listening to a song when a memory zoomed through my mind. It was like a never ending unicycle going round and round in my brain.  Suddenly it stopped, i looked around and i was in Hollywood it was like dejavu, it reminded me of the time when we were there two years ago.  I literaly could see the same man i did two years ago sleeping on a dirty subway bench with the same yellow chicken hat, one red boot on the left foot and a green sock on the other, some things you can not forget!. What was even more bizarre was I could see my mum, dad and myself sitting down putting sunscreen on, I started to shower myself with questions, did i just travel back in time? will i ever be able to go home? am i a ghost?. Suddenly it all disappears, my shower of questions turned off except for one “is this the real reality?”

Goals- for the whole term

This year our whole class made a goal book and we rote all our goals, our goals book included: maths, Writing, Reading& personal.

here were my goals: for Maths I had, To use a diferent stratagy for calculations and also to learn known facts, during the year i was able to partly achive this goal, the part i achived was the known facts and stil working on different stratagy’s.

For Writing I had: To use juicy vocab words particuarly to concertrate on “VERBS” i was able to achive this in my most recent story, here’s one of the words “suspitious” and more….

For Readind I had: To use stratagys to discover meaning for all unknown words, i was able to achive this goal by either comparing it with another word or sounding it out.

For personal I had: To always make sure i bring my books to class, for this goal i belive i achived it latly I have been bringing my books in!

100wc: Hands?

‘hands?’ i say as my sister Kylie put her hands in the air, ‘why hands? like there are other things in the world like umm…oh ghosts or vampires’ oh and i forgot to mention my friend is a 5 year old  # i’m a big sister! 🙁 ‘no! there to scary! i think that hand’s scary enouth! mummy says i’m too pretty to get scared! but not you!!!                                                                    ‘HEY! did you just say i’m ugly?                                                                                             ‘yes!’                                                                                                                                    ‘well that was a straight up awnser! wasn’t it’

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